start grading taxis

By • Mar 29th, 2008 • Category: Lead Story, The Oddball

taxi grading system

If we have a food grading system for food establishments so that food manufacturers and sellers are wary of their hygiene and food safety standards (or the lack of), and that they recognize the need for improvements, why do we not have a similar grading system for taxis? Why, do the taxi providers actually think they provide “best-in-class” service? Save for a rare few, taxi drivers I’ve come across shouldn’t even be given the license to drive for a living.

Now, imagine if all taxi drivers are subjected to a grading system of which their grades would be slapped upon their windscreen as decals for all commuters’ reference. Wouldn’t the quality of service of the taxi industry improve? In interest of all abused consumers, I have created a taxi grading system available for download. Feel free to shove it up his ass pass it on to each taxi driver you encounter.

And don’t forget to vote for the authority to impose the grading system! Hey, in a world now driven by social media, there is no better time for consumers to take control.



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25 Responses »

  1. brilliant idea! what better time to grade them now that we have to pay so much more!

  2. Like totally yo. Horrid taxi experiences are one of the reasons why i decided to buy a car in the first place. Now that i drive most of the time, the little time i have commuting, i would take a cab – but only because i don’t have much of a choice. Choice was what we had, taxis these days, really don’t give us much of an alternative.

  3. Hmmm, what about a “J” grade for “Jerks”. Cabbies who constantly jerk their cabs making you want to throw up.

  4. my god. brilliant idea. make it happen

  5. holy sh*t…this is too uncanny. and really accurate. :D

  6. @Monk
    I’ve sat in one before and kept praying that I wouldn’t dirty the cab and pay more.

    I’ve taken the T, H and S. Encountered an I who wanted to kill us and his passenger. The H demanded that I ask for the road directions when he lost his way. Good grief.

  7. Would be better if you managed to spell “brakes” correctly on the thing though.

  8. Leon, yeah unfortunately not all of us push sleek wheels like you do. Your baby growls too much, by the way.

  9. Monk, I would include it if you promise you’d start pasting it on cabs’ windscreens. How about that for a deal? OMG, Cess would be so mad if we decorate his car….

  10. vickiho, yah man… maybe we need to get our parents’ checked. But then again, grief against taxi drivers isn’t exactly unique, especially in a place like Singapore.

  11. JimJam, thanks for spotting my spelling mistake! Heh. Did I mention I always fail in my spelling classes?

  12. How extremely true. You should add a category for cabbies who:

    - Give you a lecture (sometimes sounding like a SCOLDING) when you hand them a $50 (really hard to believe with the price hikes, they don’t have enough change)
    - Don’t know how to use their own NETS / Credit Card system, so much so that they hand the machine over to you to do it yourself
    - The kind that takes down random license plate numbers (I reckon it’s for buying 4D)

    Laughs. Man. Cabbies in Singers can sometimes be real weirdos.

  13. This is an awesome idea. In SFO I had a cab ride from hell. Serious. The guy ran a super red light and we got broadsided. Come to find out, he had his license suspended for drunk driving 4 times and had only gotten it back 3 days before the accident. Through all of this, I discovered there are more laws governing hair dressers than cab drivers.

    How is this for “smart”: You can’t become a cab driver if you have a poor driving record, however, if you are already one, and are an owner operator, ANYTHING GOES!

    You rock! Blogroll?

  14. There is also another type – those who pick and choose their passengers!

  15. You forgot one more… “D” for cabdrivers who doze off at the wheel. Especially those who work the graveyard shift, or are about to come off the early morning shift for the afternoon driver to take over. You’ll find yourself clearing your throat loudly or talking loudly on your mobile phone (whether or not someone’s on the other line) just to make sure the cabbie stays awake till you reach your destination.

  16. Girl, I just want to let you know that I’ve spent over 1 freaking hour on your blog because it is that addictive. Keep it going, and don’t stop supplying!

  17. Hahahaha. You’re a genius.

  18. WishBoNe, damn …I know how you must felt. What I do nowadays is to politely tell the cabbies once, reminded them a second time before I start making dry wrenching noises in the back seat directly behind him. It does work. ;P

    Pat, you know that I might just do it too. But seriously, imagine if this was an actual guerilla exercise. Haha, would be brilliant.

    Screw Cess’ car …put an “F” on his ass for Fart Bag.

    “Did I mention I always fail in my spelling classes?” In grammar too, I gather. Hahahhahhaha.

    There are definitely quite a few weirdos driving taxis in Singapore. I wonder if being mentally unsound is a prerequisite for a taxi license, along with the ability to complain for 5 minute straight on one breath of air and having a rhythmic right foot.

    I’ve had a fair share weirdos, amongst them:

    - Jeremy (or was it Jeffrey), the singing cab driver. His cab is fitted with a killer karaoke system complete with LCD panel and microphones. He sang “Achy Breaky Heart” to me I nearly passed out! Instead of giving me my change straight away, he pulled out a photo album of him in the army.

    - Some dude actually HIT ON ME!!! I mean, WTF! He wanted to come over to mine and have a few drinks! Whaaaaaaaaat?!! When I told him that I was married and that my wife wouldn’t like it, he cooly said “Oh, ok …what time will she not be home, I can come over then.” Needess to say, I got off at a MRT station.

    - I got into a cab once, and the driver had a tissue roll in each of his nostrils. “Sick ah??!!” I asked. He responded by saying “Yah lorr, wa lau …got traffic jam inside lor”.

    - There’s a cab driver here with a serious twitch. His head would shake for two seconds, followed by his hands for 3 – 4 seconds. This would happen every minute or so. Everytime he shook his hands, the car would shake with them cos he’d be holding the steering wheel.

    - I’ve had an evangelist, who tried to convert me. The poor fool picked on the wrong guy. By the time I got out, he said that he would need to go back and refer to the Bible on several things. Hahaha.

    - A cab driver tried to sell me HIS CD not once but on two occasions.

    - A cab driver tried to sell me chocolate. Ehhh???

    - I’ve had a taxi driver sell me a MacBook Air …the say computer that I’m typing this message with. ;)

  19. the “same” (not say) computer ….

  20. i actually feel that “illegal” is the best category. all slow no fast is sooooooooooo boring!

  21. Monk

    1. Yes I can’t spell nor can I string words together in a grammatically correct manner. But I made you response with a thesis-worthy comment, didn’t I?

    2. I think you attract weird taxi drivers. Period. I shudder to think what would happen if my wife and I were making out in the backseat of an evangelist taxi driver.

    3. Stop showing off about your MacBook Air. I also have.

    4. Cess is gonna hear about the F label right after this comment…

  22. Softly Dreaming, your driver shouldn’t even get his license back. Now that’s scary. Thanks for the blogroll on your blog.

  23. Thanks for visiting my blog, Phil, and spending that much time reading my crap. For the sake of your career, I sure hope you’re not doing this at work!

  24. Eh… “by being a gas mask”???? Guess need to correct that also.

    Anyway I have met those who loves jamming their brakes… that would go under which category??

    D for dozing off? More like ZZZZZZZ for sleepyhead drivers :P I have encountered one that nearly drove up the chevron on the highway. Scared the crap out of me.

    The driver selling the Macbook Air must have had a passenger who left it behind. Then he quickly gets it off his hands before the Lost Item notice was even filed.

    And one of my girlfriends had a driver hit on her, “selling” himself as a potential good boyfriend. OMFG~

  25. Opps, barffie, spot on and thank you.

    Those who love jamming their brakes? Illegal, no doubt about that. Bless our souls.

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