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By • Aug 15th, 2010 • Category: Features, The Narcissist

Between a “Dear you-don’t-have-a-name-you-are-just-another-blogger” email and a “Can-you-help-me-look-good-in-front-of-my-bosses-by-bringing-more-bloggers-to-my-event” half-hearted invitation, a jumbo box of sincerity arrived at my desk from Italy last Tuesday, begging for my unveiling.

A snuggled wrapped box layered with thread after thread of goodness like good ol Auntie Peggy’s lasagna, I found myself acting like the little girl I was once on Christmas day. Dealing with idiotic PR practitioners and their socially retarded requests (do I really owe you a living, or are you desperate because of your need of meeting the blog coverage promised to your client?), this box came as a welcoming change.

As though it couldn’t get any better, I found a letter at the letter at the bottom of the box. It said:

Hey Pat!
Welcome to the 55DSL Collective. (we hope you like your pack of 55DSL goodies!)
You’ve been specially selected as one of our favourite bloggers in the world and we want to collaborate with you to create a hub of all the coolest things going on anywhere, anytime.

The letter went on to explain the brand’s initiative in creating an online platform where I will have exclusive access to share all the goodness I feel for. Now, being a practitioner that reaches out to bloggers myself, here’s what I respect of the brand and the brilliant digital agency behind this influencer outreach, Outside Line:

Outreach was sincere and personal: Outside Line wrote to me personally a few times prior to the delivery of this box, without a single request of “requesting” me to blog about the brand. I love the fact that the relationship between the brand and I was more important that whambamthankyoumdmletscollectmoneyfromtheclient blog coverage.

(To all clients reading this, be really careful if your agency guarantees you coverage. Chances are, they probably either piss the bloggers off by being demanding or buy them off with money.)

My name on the letter: While PR agencies are still struggling to be hard-working enough to personalize emails with names (how many bloggers here hate the “Dear Blogger” opening line?), my physical letter from 55DSL came with my name printed on. Tell me that isn’t something.

An actual signature: A team member from 55DSL actually signed off to the letter. No “This is a computer generated letter and does not require any signature” crap. I can’t speak for all bloggers, but little things like that matter to me.

I’m particularly loving my 10.55 limited edition Aya Kato tee and 55DSL x Panini Germany tee. And oh fucking yes, my Vasava x 55DSL vinyl toy! WOOOOOOOT! This kid goes into my new studio in Chinatown, yo.


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  1. Gosh the plastic toy is too awesome for words

  2. I think I have a pair of their jeans – in mint green :)

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