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By • May 21st, 2009 • Category: The Lonely Travellor

These quirky international girl aerogrammes could not have come at a better time. I’m now in Hong Kong international airport, awaiting my transitting flight out to Amsterdam en route Rotterdam (yes, this is a painful but economical way of travelling) to catch Tears of Barren Hill by award winning director Danny Yung at Operadagen Rotterdam 2009.

When was the last time you received or wrote an aerogramme? I bet the last time you picked that pen up to write was when you had to write a cheque to pay them bills.  Oh, for those who don’t know, aerogrammes are letters and envelopes rolled into one. Somewhat like your regular 2-in-1 shampoo conditioner.

Strangely enough, I do recall the last time I wrote an aerogramme – I was thirteen, and I was in Washington DC visiting my aunt, and I’ve had a rollerhockey game right outside the White House just moments before. Yeah, those were the pre-September-11 days. But hey, at least my dear friends of certain races don’t have to queue at the immigration counter like the rest of us (I’m not being racist, I’m stating a fact… the real people being racists are those who assume everyone of that pigmentation are terrorists)!

Let me make you a deal… Since I’ve not written an aerogramme for such a long time, let me write YOU one. Give me a reason why I should in the form of a comment, and Imma pick one lucky reader to write to. Excuse me for being a smuck-a-duck, but I do have pretty nice handwriting. I’ll make it worth your time.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out international girl. Warning: you might get carried away buying them! They’re too cute!


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10 Responses »

  1. the arabic words is pronounced risalah .

    it can mean article or paper.


  2. I always feel at home in Amsterdam, “just another freak in the freak kingdom.” :-)
    You’ll find me at the Jolly Hotel Carlton and at de Dampkring behind the flower market with the beautiful people.


  3. it’ll be a really neat collector’s item don’t you think? esp when it’s from you! the nice handwriting and all… ;)

  4. Something slow is what we all need in this day and age. Something to remind us that there are some things worth waiting for. The written word of a friend and the social niceties of Dear So and So and Sincerely, So and So. These forgotten arts are not even that long gone, but it’s always nice to be reminded :)

  5. I deserve the aerogramme because I am a superficial bitch who’s preoccupied with my blackberry, my emails, my stupid luxury magazines and it occurred to me I’ve never received a handwritten note from anyone. I feel poor.

  6. Because I’m sick.

  7. Out of curiosity, wasn’t the show (Tears of Barren Hill) you are catching in Amsterdam staged in Singapore this year? 03 – 05 Feb 2009 @ Esplanade’s Huayi Festival. Just curios why the long journey… :)

    Enjoy yourself!!

  8. Pat should send me an aerogramme because:
    (1) Pat’s fountain pen is mightier than a Rotterdam sword.
    (2) I love her beautiful handwriting.
    (3) Her lucky ass is over there while mine’s stuck here. One good turn deserves another. So pay it forward, Pat!

  9. Hey HL,

    You’re right, indeed Tears of Barren Hill was performed in Singapore a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, I could not make it at that time when Danny Yung (the director) told me about it. So here I am, second time lucky, in Rotterdam instead at its opening for Opera Dagen Rotterdam 2009.

  10. Random reasons to write me aerogramme – Althought I’ve never received an aerogramme, I like a band called Aereogramme. I don’t know if their band name is a misspelling, but they kick ass. I like Rotterdam for all their progressive festivals. In fact I like the Dutch for how progressive they are. I’ve transited in HK a gazillion times but funnily never had the urge to get out of their airport. To me it’s too similar to SG. I think of HK as an airport. I think the same of SG where I live. And I too always get to Rotterdam via HK and then Amsterdam, it’s a cheap way but it’s a good way. I am curious about this Tears of Barren Hill :-)

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