Fencing meets Fashion

By • May 4th, 2007 • Category: The Fashionista

Absolutely breathtaking. I never thought fencing was sexy til now. Thank you Rasmus Mogensen.

Rasmus Mogensen

Rasmus Mogensen

Rasmus Mogensen

Rasmus Mogensen


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6 Responses »

  1. This is quite interesting and wierd at the same time. I think when I retire, I would like to take up photography. Why? Cause this woman here looks so incredibly skinny its scary, but the photography is so good, I almost didn’t notice.

    That’s good use of negative space right there.

  2. I like how you co-relate everything and mash them up into one single sandwich.

  3. I’d like to give her a thrust of my blade….. en guard!

  4. I can imagine your motto… In (oh my) God We Thrust!

  5. Absolutely amazing images!

  6. Gorgeous images.

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