zeth returns

By • Oct 25th, 2009 • Category: The Design Diva

After spending almost a good year roaming the streets of Venice for Venice Biennale 2008, the Zeth Stretched Cruiser finally returns to our shores. Designed by no other than the magnificent design house, Vanguard, and handcrafted by its team from San Diego, Zeth is not for the Weak. Or the vertically challenged midget like yours truly. It’s up for grabs now but hurry along if you’re really interested – you’d be fighting against hordes of discerning clients.


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7 Responses »

  1. where can I by a bike like this…its sooo dope!

  2. Is it possible to redesign something without revolting against the underlying rational principle? A bicycle is propeled by pushing pedals down, the movement is assisted by gravity when your legs are properly positioned, not like this…

  3. @jaroslav. Have you seen reclining bicycles before?

  4. It doesn’t look good. The frame is all about flowing elegantly. Then the down tube disrupts everything. It isn’t even addressed in the design. It goes straight down and cuts the bike in half. Stick with the simple beauty of the road bike. Don’t feed the fire and buy into this hulking brute of a bike trying to be a motorcycle.

  5. @jaroslav – actually, a lot of lowrider style bikes have proven to have MUCH better “movement” and propulsion with an elongated style instead of being directly on top of the pedals. Not to mention, there’s a reason it’s called a “beach CRUISER”. The idea being to cruise around and not race around.

    @jason – agreed, i’d like to buy it too, but when it says “price: on request” i have a feeling that’s way out of range for the average person. sadly.

  6. So if lets say the sandwich is the most simple and efficient kind of food does that mean that all of us should eat sandwiches?? Give your opinion on the design (which i don’t think is a bad one) but don’t tell people what they should or shouldn’t buy.

  7. “Don’ Bea H8tin’ On Mah Wheelz !”

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