waveform wedding rings

By • Mar 26th, 2012 • Category: The Design Diva

My baby sis is getting married and yours truly – one of the world’s most wedding-adverse noidontneedastupidweddingwith1000relativesidontcareabout girl, has agreed to be one of the ‘sisters’.

That’s the power of Family. They can make you do things you otherwise won’t, because you love them that much to be completely irrational.

I love you baby sis. Congratulations on your wedding. Imma get you these waveform wedding rings by Japanese designer Sakurako Shimizu, as soon as I find out the cost. The waveforms captured according to your voice, are embedded in 18K and 14K white, red, yellow gold and platinum.

I might just pull a prank and record “PAT IS AWESOME” instead. Heh.

For those interested, email Sakurako Shimizu for more details.

1. Sakurako Shimizu


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