an exercise book of memory

By • Apr 16th, 2012 • Category: The Design Diva

I can relate. Buy back a piece of memory (or for my case, torture), with this Xiaoming and Xiaohua exercise book by triggerhappy.

For those spared from the Singaporean Chinese Torture from being educated in the Singapore, the names Xiaoming and Xiaohua were convenient names 9 out of 10 Chinese kids would use in their composition classes. I tried using a name with more strokes, but that didn’t get me any extra points. Bugger.

The Xiaoming and Xiaohua exercise book is available at SGD23.00 each.

1. Buy a Xiaoming and Xiaohua exercise book
2. Triggerhappy


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  1. to be frank, those are overpriced :) you can easily find these retro jotter books in some of the old bookstores at 90cents each.

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