Fat, Ugly, and Awfully Short.

By • Jul 30th, 2007 • Category: The Bitch

Fatboy Lim and I hung out on Sunday and whilst getting a cup of ice lemon tea from Pizza Hut (its the authentic lipton ice tea! or so Fatboy Lim says), I couldn’t help but notice how bloody short the lady in front of us was.

Ms Fat Ass

Fatboy Lim

Fatboy Lim, remember NOT TO eat chicken buns from China. You might end up eating cardboard. Hah. Imma miss your bloody ass, bugger.


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2 Responses »

  1. Fatboy Lim is a guy, isn’t he? Isn’t fair comparing a bloke to a lady, right?

  2. Silly, Fatboy Lim’s a girl.

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