hysterical literature series

By • Jan 7th, 2013 • Category: The Artist

The Hysterical Literature series is one where women read excerpts of great literature while trying to stay composed as someone under the table pleasures them with a vibrator. Created by photographer Clayton Cubitt, this is one book reading session I’d like to attend. ;)

And oh, do your bit for charity too. Donate using the Tip Jar. 50% of proceeds go to Hurricane Sandy relief. Pun not intended.

1. Hysterical Literature Series
2. Lost at E Minor (source)


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  1. These videos have inspired me to write the following spiritual rhymes:

    Touching the beyond, the inner flame spark; separation vanishes beyond this mark.

    Existence is reborn in the depth of the soul, it swiftly reclaims what the mind has stole.

    Reflections of glory in the eyes shine, tribute is paid to existence's shrine.

    The complete poem available on:


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