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By • Sep 22nd, 2008 • Category: Lead Story, The Advertising Slut

I belong to an industry where absolute color accuracy matters.  While the average eye, mine included, cannot tell the scientific difference between a red apple from another, there is a league of color fanatics who can.

These color fanatics are blessed (or cursed, depending on how you see it) with absolute color sensitivity like no other. They work on color-critical computer displays, mostly in CRT, that enables them create the perfect hue of Shrek’s head, that hair color promised by the color swatch on a DIY hair color pack, and the luscious sheen of apple red of a Ferrari you see in a 30-second commercial. Often, if not always, these displays are incredibly expensive. A good one will set you back by at least 10 grand.

Not anymore. Meet the HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional LCD Display. Priced at a quarter of the cost of most high-end, studio-quality LCD displays, this baby provides a range of more than one billion colors in a 30-bit, LED-backlit 24-inch diagonal widescreen LCD display.

To celebrate the birth of the world’s first affordable color-critical display, HP Singapore has launched an integrated campaign targeted specifically at these color fanatics. The Agency responsible for this campaign is Arc Worldwide, Singapore.

The color fanatic, let’s call him Leon (just to give a personality), will receive The Mystical Book of Colours, a beautifully crafted direct mailer that includes the instructions and tools for him to create the DreamColor Wand.

You know, most color fanatics are too frustrated with their failing color-critical computer displays to be happy. A colorful pinwheel of a wand ought to cheer him up a little.

the mystical book of colours

the mystical book of colours

The limited edition invite-only direct mailer consists of a sleek black handmade (yes, handmade) pouch, which reminds me of what William Shakespeare may have used to hold his golden nuggets, and a single sheet injected with 5 specific CMYK color tones. Leon is then invited to check himself into DreamColor Wonderland, where he could take play doctor and diagnose if his current display is suffering from Colouritis – the failure to detect colors accurately.

homepage of dreamcolor wonderland

homepage of dreamcolor wonderland

the colour shrine

the colour shrine

The microsite welcomes Leon warmly with a platoon of lovely fairies (let’s call them all Jacinta) and ushers him into the Colour Shrine. It is then that he is to whisk his newly constructed DreamColor Wand, and diagnose Colouritis by filling up the empty pinwheel with the same colors found on it.

Upon his diagnosis (I will not be so presumptuous as to assume he can’t get all 5 colors right), he can then proceed, with the company of Jacinta, to Get the Cure, and quite naturally, discover more about the HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional LCD Display.

the elf apprentice contest

the elf apprentice contest

I personally think the Elf Apprentice Contest is a must-try for all, especially for the Nintendo DS Lite junkie like yours truly. With the need to use the microphone and the keyboard, its been a long, long while since I’ve seen an online game engineered with such great interactivity.

The microsite is gorgeous, is it not? Check yourself in today.

P.S. If you’d like a direct mailer sent to you, drop me a note and tell me why (tip: being a color fanatic in the animation, game development, film/video post, broadcast, product design and graphic arts categories help tremendously). I know people who know people. ;) No promises, but I will try.


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8 Responses »

  1. beautiful site! love the colors and fairytale story kind of presentation. my fingers were stuck on the X and down arrow for a good 20mins! LOL!

  2. This is from SINGAPORE???????!!!!! Really? Blimey you guys have progressed!

  3. What a beautifully crafted campaign. The direct mailer is gorgeous and equally matched in gorgeous-ness by the website. The campaign compliments the product well.

    Good job!

  4. burp – i think in a single blog post, you’ve done a better job selling the campaign and the product, than the website does. Hur.

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    It was kinda slow response to send me like 3weeks later…so I kinda forgot about it.
    When I got the hp brown envelope, I was kinda puzzled, till I saw the fairytale theme.


  7. one more thing, i found it hard to select black for the wheel, talk about the rest of the colours, maybe they should make it easier to select like maybe a square or something. Now its my shaky hands which is part of the colouritis problem…not really a fair test :(

  8. <<—my entry

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