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I’m seldom emotional or excited when I receive a brief from a client. The emotions typically kick in at a later stage, during the conception of the Big Idea, and seldom at the stage where the client issues the intent of the campaign, alongside with the budget. It’s not that the brief isn’t inspiring, but more often or not, it is a rather functional affair.

So what is the unique selling proposition of this product?
What does success look to you?
Who are your target audience (and for chrissakes, please don’t tell me everyone)?

When our client from the Breeze team at Standard Chartered Bank first visited us at our studio, I smiled from ear to ear at the first line of their brief. I can’t recall word for word, but it went along the lines of:


To say I was elated would have been a gross understatement. You don’t get a brief like that every day… or in a lifetime for that matter. You’d probably have better luck getting a client not wanting “everyone” as a target audience.

Standard Chartered plans to hire the World’s Coolest Intern to promote its new mobile and online banking experience, Breeze, especially in the social media realm. The selected intern will work with the Bank’s online and mobile banking team to develop and implement a social media communication strategy for Breeze for six months.

The internship offer is targeted at recent graduates or undergraduates in their final year across Asia. I wish I had such an internship offer when I was in school.

The “World’s Coolest Intern” will join one of the most innovative teams at Standard Chartered Bank, where they’ll work on a range of exciting social media projects. The intern will learn from some of the leading social media experts in Asia, including Google, Christophe Langlois from Visible Banking and yours truly, in the GOODSTUPH studio. Want to know how training is like at GOODSTUPH? Check out what this kid has to say about the guest lectures I conduct in schools.

And of course, he/ she will take home a whopping SGD30,000 salary for the six-months internship.

In the words of the Group Head of Remote Banking, Aman Narain, on the innovative use of social media for talent recruitment:

The idea to use social media as a recruitment channel came from internal discussions on how best to recruit a blogger into the team. We then thought, what better way to find someone to work in social media than by conducting the search through social media. It is working, and we are very pleased with the positive responses we have received to date. We have also partnered with Google to ensure we’re optimizing our recruitment advertising reach online.

Google is supporting Standard Chartered with technical knowledge and training in Search and Display advertising. This will provide the intern with expert insight and enhance his or her skills and knowledge as a digital communicator.

Applications will close on 15 October 2010.  For all eager beavers, here’s how you submit:

1. Follow @StanChartBreeze on Twitter
2. Don’t forget to mention Breeze’s blog link on your blog/video etc so that they can track it (
3. Direct Message @StanChartBreeze with the URL of your submission

Alright peeps, get going now and do us proud. If you have any questions, holler over to me aight?


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  2. Hi Pat!

    So glad I stumbled on this site! I’m the World’s Coolest Intern, or that’s what my friends & family (& fans!) tell me. I’m waiting to hear that from StanChartBreeze! ;)

    I actually have two questions for you!

    1. Are you watching for any kind of content in particular in engaging online audiences (like marketing Breeze while being fun) or are you just looking for the ability to engage audiences even if its not SCB-relevant? (e.g. like being popular because you talk about your dog learning to pirouette amongst other cool, but not quite SCB-related topics).

    2. What kind of training do you have planned for the WCI? I’m excited to hear about this!

    Thank you in advance Pat!

    Also, I have a message for readers of your blog:

    Hey guys,

    I want to become the World’s Coolest Intern with StanChartBreeze. I believe I have the experience and skills to be Cool! I’ve dabbled in creating websites and the like since 15, and have chalked up more than a year’s experience in marketing (including directing marketing for a boutique film festival) though I’m fresh out of school!

    Most importantly, I have true commitment and passionate about this position – check out my dedicated website chronicling my steps and obstacles to becoming the World’s Coolest Intern!

    Make OOI the World’s Coolest Intern:

    What I don’t have (yet) is a strong digital presence. Please help me achieve this! If you like what you see please pass it along. Facebook, blog, twitter…every little bit helps. Help make my dream come true (:

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  4. Hi Pat! It was fun reading your reaction to the brief. I look forward to the training, if I get the job. Thank you for supporting it.

    For anyone interested, check out Sing Chi’s World’s Coolest Intern Application. Good luck, everyone!

  5. Congrats on being a part of such an awesome program!

    Now define recent….3 years ago is kind of recent right??

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