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The unassuming entrance of Studio Hergebruik

Yesterday: a milk carton. Today: a multi-purpose clutch bag.

Yesterday: an art director’s proof of color perfection. Today: the laptop bag for his PowerBook.

Yesterday: the tyres of a 7-year-old girl’s bicycle. Today: her mum’s evening purse.

Every product of mass consumerism gets a second life in Studio Hergebruik. Tucked at the corner of Coolsingel, Rotterdam, Studio Hergebruik houses a retail store, an exhibition space, and a workshop all under the same roof. The brutal 30-minute walk whilst lugging 2 kilogrammes over my right shoulder was worthwhile. There I was, at the entrance of Rotterdam’s finest display of eco-consciousness, in utter awe of the collection before my eyes.

I was very tempted to purchase that FREITAG bag.

This picture reveals barely one-tenth of the actual size of the studio.

Yup, those quirky lights are made of recycled materials too.

Ah. My old Finance textbook can finally be put into good use.

For your pen and your toothbrush.

Recycle. Don’t sit on it.

I would’ve bought this if not for the fact that I’d look pretty dumb lugging this into an opera theatre.

Studio Hergebruik
provides all kinds of items, from bags to sandals to furniture and even dinner lamps, with a common DNA – they are made from recycled materials. Conceptualised by the highly charismatic Jan De Haas (if my emails with him is anything to go by), Studio Hergebruik is a design junkie’s Mecca never to be missed when visiting Rotterdam. God knows how long it took before I could peel myself away from the studio so as to make it to Operadagen Rotterdam 2009‘s opening night on time.

Studio Hergebruik
Coolsingel 53
3012 AA Rotterdam
Tel: 010 – 413 36 60
Website: www.studiohergebruik.nl

Check out the rest of the photographs taken that day in the slideshow below.


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